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MILLENNIUM DANCE CONCEPTS was established in 2000,

and is a PREMIER Performing Arts facility committed to providing young people of diverse backgrounds with opportunities to receive professional training in all facets of the performing arts.

MILLENNIUM DANCE CONCEPTS offers all students an opportunity to explore and express themselves and assists them to become contributing members to their community.

MILLENNIUM DANCE CONCEPTS family has been established since 2000 and operates under the guidance of experienced, qualified and  friendly teachers.

Our "Family Friendly" and Well Organised atmosphere helps students strive for excellence in the most enjoyable way possible.

Our classes aim to provide participants with the opportunity to:

Improve performance skills & fitness through movement and dance in a fun, relaxed, family atmosphere, develop confidence, self esteem and self motivation.

Students become more aware of their own bodies, posture, musicality, vocal ability and dramatic skills.

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That's right! you can book your 1st class for free as a trail class.

All you need to do is send us an email with your contact details and we will be in touch!

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